The Audience Design Handbook

Originated within TorinoFilmLab – here you can find it`s latest publication: Audience Design – An Introduction, expertly curated by Valeria Richter (Denmark) and Lena Thiele (Germany), who have been integral tutors of the groundbreaking Audience Design program since its inception in 2011. This invaluable resource is freely available for download on my website.

“Audience Design – An Introduction” delves into a subject that is increasingly capturing the attention of professionals and enthusiasts alike within the cultural and cinematic domains: the challenge of engaging public interest in an age overwhelmed by a cacophony of media and fierce competition for viewers’ attention. This publication emerges after eight years of meticulous research and hands-on experimentation by the TorinoFilmLab, marking a significant milestone in the field. It embodies a pioneering endeavor to amalgamate a wealth of insights, experiences, and expert knowledge regarding this pressing issue.


The core objective of this book is to acquaint its readers with the innovative concept and practical applications of Audience Design. This approach is particularly pivotal in the realms of developing, producing, and distributing films that fall under the categories of independent and arthouse cinema. The content of the book is carefully organized to furnish readers with a robust theoretical foundation while simultaneously serving as a comprehensive practical guide. It effectively operates as a “step-by-step manual,” meticulously outlining the processes involved in integrating Audience Design strategies into film projects.


Beyond its practical applications, the publication also engages with broader theoretical discussions about the changing dynamics of film viewership and distribution in the digital age. It critically examines how traditional models are being upended by new technologies and platforms, and what this means for filmmakers and distributors aiming to find their audience. Furthermore, it includes case studies and interviews with industry professionals, offering real-world examples of Audience Design’s success stories and challenges.

“Audience Design – An Introduction” is not just a book; it is an invaluable resource for filmmakers, producers, distributors, and anyone involved in the cinematic arts who is looking to navigate the complexities of modern film promotion and engagement. Through its insightful analysis and guidance, the publication seeks to inspire a new generation of cinema creators and marketers to think creatively and strategically about connecting with audiences. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the field, this book promises to enrich your understanding and approach to audience engagement in today’s fragmented media landscape.

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