I’m a Berlin-based Marketing & Crowdfunding consultant, Audience strategist and film producer.

Within my consultancies and workshops, I advise companies, organizations and individuals in strategic planning regarding target group, audience(s) and online marketing activities. I regularly get invitation to lecture, leads panels and give presentations at universities, festivals and a wide range of organizations. Within Germany, Europe and as far as Nigeria and Uganda.

I also produce various formats of web-video content such as pitching videos, corporate films, interviews, documentaries and short-clips.

Since 2014 I’m a member of the German Documentary Association AG DOK, and a founding member of the German Crowdfunding Network, where I joined the expert group ‘Crowdfunding & Film’.


Audience Design Program (TorinoFilmLab),  Tutor

Within the Audience Design Program of the TorinoFilmLab 4 participants developed individual Audience Engagement and Marketing Strategies for feature films at an early script stage. 

I was part of this program in 2017 with a strategy for the Singaporean film ‘Autobiography’ by Makbul Mubarak (Berlinale Co-Pro Market 2019) and am now a part of the Alumni Network. 

In 2018 I was approached as a Audience Design consultant for the project “A LAND IMAGINED” (by: Siew Hua Yeo, winner Golden Leopard at 71. Locarno Film Festival)

Since 2019: Tutor of the TorinoFilmLab Feature Lab in the field of Audience Design for 10 different international film projects.


Professional Media Master Class (PMMC 2012), Alumni

Professional Media Master Class (PMMC) by Werkleitz offers medium-German film and media professionals from various disciplines the opportunity to further their education in professional media practice and qualify for the media market. The PMMC is not an academic education, but a practice-oriented training with experts in their fields. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between the numerous media programs in Central Germany and the practical requirements of the media industry.  

Within this masterclass I produced ‘Plot 20’, an experimental short documentary about norm, individuality and standardized life models. It premiered at the german TV station MDR in 2012


For academic qualifications, I‘ve graduated with a Magister (Masters) in Media and Communication Science & Sociology.

In the area of Media Studies, I have participated in seminars, lectures & courses on: Film History & Theory, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing, Directing & Production, Marketing, PR, Design, Media Production & Communication.

In the field of Sociology, I attended seminars, lectures & courses on social structure, media sociology, urban sociology, qualitative social research and interview techniques.

I have also participated in various workshops, seminars & masterclasses on marketing, press, screenplay, camera, editing, directing & Production with Hans Beller, Klaus Wildenhahn, Peter Dörfler, Grischa Schaufuss, Marco Wilms, Sergey Dvortsevoy, Wilhelm Domke-Schulz and many others.



The Audience Design Handbook

Originated within TorinoFilmLab – here you can find it`s latest publication: Audience Design – An Introduction, expertly curated by Valeria Richter (Denmark) and Lena Thiele

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Within the last years I have been invited to more than 50 workshops and lectures in Germany, Europe and worldwide. The topics of my presentations range from audience building, crowdfunding, marketing to innovation in the film industry (focus: financing, marketing, distribution)

Communicating important content to my audience while motivating and inspiring it is my great passion, every time anew!

Audience Building

Defining, understanding and working with the target group (s) is a big challenge.

With the Audience Design, Impact Producing, Outreach Producing or the Producer of Marketing and Distribution (PMD) there are now a number of positions in this field. But how can they help your project?


Crowdfunding brings together a number of great things: product and project development, independent financing, marketing and early audience engagement. With a number of tips, their crowdfunding campaigns can be very successful!

I’m happy to talk to you about all the elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter or Linkedin? Every social media channel has its own philosophy and rules. Who do you want to reach and what content do you have to produce for it? How can you tell your story on all these channels to reach your crowd?

Let’s take a look at some case studies, where did it work? Online and offline!

Film Industry & Innovation

The film industry faces great challenges. Formats, financing, marketing and distribution are currently in motion.

Let us talk about the opportunities and risks of this change and how it can be used successfully.


How does the complex system of funding institutions, TV stations, distributors and world distribution work in the documentary industry? And how are the digital opportunities for financing, advertising and distribution changing the face of the industry?

Based on DOK & CROWD, data and insights are always updated for lectures and workshops!


Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (HFF), MET Film School Berlin, Filmakademie Baden- Württemberg, Ludwigsburg, BHT University of Applied Sciences (Berlin),  Bauhaus-University (Weimar), Professional Media Masterclass (PMMC) 2014 (Halle), Filmarche (Berlin), Kunsthochschule für Medien, KHM (Köln), Martin-Luther-Universität (Halle, Saale), Hochschule für Musik Dresden Carl Maria von Weber, Universität der Künste, UDK (Berlin), SAE Institut (Hannover, Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, Zürich, Lausanne, Bochum & Leipzig), Burg Giebichenstein (Halle, Saale) 

iREP Documentary Film Festival (2015 & 2016) Lagos (Nigeria), Uganda Film Festival (2017 & 2019), Kampala (Uganda), BERLINALE (2019) Int. Short Film Festival BACKUP (Weimar), 2015 & 2016, 4 Elements Festival (Banská Štiavnica, Slowakia), Filmkunsttage Sachsen-Anhalt (2016), Vilnius Film Festival (2018), DOK Leipzig (2017), 28. Int. Filmfestival Dresden (2016), MONSTRONALE (2019) 

Erich Pommer Institut gGmbH (Berlin), Film Commission Stuttgart , Independent Cinema Office (London), Creative Service Center der WeTeK Berlin gGmbH (Berlin), Filmnetzwerk der DFFB (Berlin), Industrie- und Handelskammern, IHK (Berlin), Gründerwoche (Berlin), Crowdday 2015 & 2016 (Köln), Werkschule BerlinCreative Sachsen (Leipzig), Creative City Berlin (Crowdfunding Berlin), Music Suit Up (Berlin), 99 Talent Campus (Berlin), Deutsch-Russischer-Austausch e.V. (Berlin), Zentrum für Entrepreneurship, Martin-Luther-Universität (Halle, Saale), World Cinema Fund, Berlinale 2019, SPECTARIS, Dt Industrieverband (Berlin), WOLF Kino (Berlin), TC Digital Society 2014 (Weimar), Berlin Directors Club


Each project requires an individual strategy and personal support. Let us together identify your goals and develop your project purposefully. Through regular feedback and exchange, I accompany you in your mission.

My advice is not only always individually tailored to your project, but also always full of inspiration and motivation!

I advise in the following areas:

Audience building &
Audience Design

Crowdfunding &

Marketing for documentary
& feature films

Marketing & Social Media



Innovation & Film

Script Development

Storytelling & Video Content



Caritas (Berlin), Torino Film Lab (Europe), Zentrum für Demokratie (Berlin Treptow-Köpenick)

Innogy GmbH, (Essen), Philomagazin Verlag GmbH (Berlin), BuzzCloud Global Limited (Hong Kong), FitterYou / EFFIT GmbH, WEBUILD E.V. (Berlin), AMAFILM GmbH, Hey Holiday GmbH (Berlin), WAGNER Group (Markdorf), Orbasics UG (Berlin), Audio Devel (Hamburg & Lisboa), CULIOS food & fun (Niederlande), 

Schramm Matthes Film (Berlin), Root Films GbR (Leipzig), Gerd Conradt / Mandala Vision (Berlin), Arsenal Filmverleih GmbH (Tübingen), Montagnola Productions Ldt (Wachtberg),  , BLENDE 39 GbR (Magdeburg), AMAFILM GmbH, Artemisia Filmproduktion (Berlin), Hellmann & Mennig ALGO MIO (Berlin), Leaving home funktion (Berlin), Indifilm GmbH (Berlin), The Other Side of the Wind – Orson Welles


GET YOUR CROWD is a Berlin-based digital agency for customized strategies (crowdfunding, audience building & social media marketing) and the production of creative video content. Driven by the enthusiasm for digital innovation, Paul Rieth and his team develop authentic campaigns and ideas for clients worldwide. 


Besides being a lecturer and consultant, I have always produced video content for different clients. It was and is very important for me to always keep up with current developments in the industry, not just in theory but also in practice. This became quite a variety of references within the recent years today specializing in web-based video content like pitch video, short documentaries, tutorials, Portraits, Social Media Clips). It is handled by me and my team at GET YOUR CROWD from the first idea pitch until the final upload.

Pitching Videos

Within the Crowdfunding Campaign the video plays an amazingly important role. So together with the campaign Consultancy came the demand for the production of Pitch-Videos which we produce for our clients on a regular basis.​


When you put so much energy into organizing and event, conference, show, workshop, speech you should definitely have it covered either live or/and recorded on video. We love to capture these special moments for you and turn it into video content that suits you and your project.​


Passing on information was always so important. But today we do it with videos and make sure that your viewers get all the information they while you deliver your message at the same time. ​


Short Clips, Instagram Stories, Live-Recordings, Interviews – we are there for you when you need all kind of video content for your website or/and all your social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.​


ZDF/MDR (Mainz), Culios (NL), Siebdruckversand (Magdeburg), Klub7 (Halle & Berlin), FEED magazine (Berlin), SCANOVIS GmbH (Konstanz), TR9FILM (Leipzig/Berlin), Fulmidas Medienagentur (Berlin), GiP Intensivpflege GmbH (Berlin), Werkschule Berlin, Co-produced I European Film Forum (Halle), Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Ludwigsburg), Seniorenstiftung Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin)

TKVA (Berlin), Arsenal Filmverleih (Tübingen), Kula Sneakershop (Berlin), Keyfender GmbH (Winsen), 

AbL (Berlin), Wir haben es satt (Berlin), TKVA (Berlin)


DOK & CROWD offers detailed insights into the German documentary industry. Besides the overview of the different sources of institutional film financing like federal and regional film funding and television, DOK & CROWD presents the different forms of distribution of documentary films like cinema, television, DVD and film festivals to analyze their benefits.

However, new and innovative financing and distribution channels are the focus of DOK & CROWD: Crowdfunding and video-on-demand services are opening up completely new possibilities for documentary filmmakers to acquire funds independently and present them to their audiences without the approval of any gate keepers.

Through effective audience strategies and online marketing, target groups can be addressed from the beginning of the film production and thus become valuable multipliers within the whole production and distribution process.

This book is currently only available in german language! Please address your Press inquiries directly to the publisher Herbert von Halem.

What the readers say:

“[…] a successful book thoroughly.“

“Paul Rieth provides […] a fine overview for film documentarians […].”

Simon Riedl:
“Find the book very helpfully. It is well structured. Helps me, to look up known financing tools on the one hand and is also very detailed on new financing possibilities which I didn`t know before. I recommend it:-)”

Nina Beck:
“Thank you for the very informative work, which gives a great insight into crowdfunding, film promotion, television, cinema and video-on-demand to all documentary filmmakers.”

DOK & CROWD can be ordered here:


I regularly send out my newsletter filled with information on film, marketing, crowdfunding and audience building. Please subscribe here:


Paul Rieth
Kottbusser Damm 73
10967 Berlin

+49 (30) 555 784 38

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