Crowdfunding for film productions

Guest on FRED FM Filmradio

A talk about Crowdfunding for film productions

In the course of the Torino Film Festival 2019, I gave an entertaining interview to Angelo Acerbi from FRED.FM. We talked about crowdfunding for international film productions and the right strategies for a successful campaign strategy.

About FRED Film Radio

FRED Film Radio is an online radio station for independent cinema in the world of film festivals. The platform is interesting for all parts of the film industry – from film production, film distribution and other areas of the industry. FRED FM broadcasts from all relevant film festivals worldwide, including the Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale and Venice Film Festival.

Audience Designer at TorinoFilmLab

Parallel to the Torino Film Festival 2019, the meeting event of the TorinoFilmLab 2019 took place. As the Feature Lab’s Audience Design tutor, I had the opportunity to talk to the film teams about their projects and upcoming pitches. We took a look at which themes, target groups and content could already be identified during script development of their upcoming feature film productions. In this way, I was able to support the teams in preparing for the pitches in front of an international audience of producers, distributors, world sales and film festival programmers.

Crowdfunding for film productions
Mandy Marahimin & Tumpal Tampubolon, Indonesien (TorinoFilmLab Feature Lab 2019 Teilnehmer) Projekt: CROCODILE TEARS

How film productions can benefit from crowdfunding

Angelo Acerbi from FRED.FM was interested in the areas of my work that have to do with crowdfunding and marketing. We discussed his questions on the following topics:

  • How can crowdfunding help film financing?
  • How do I get to know my target audience?
  • When should you start communicating with your audience?
  • What do you need to keep in mind to run a successful crowdfunding campaign?
  • What can you do to give your crowdfunding campaign visibility.
  • How do I create interesting rewards that fit my project?

“The selection of rewards for the crowdfunding campaign is about exclusivity, creativity and always an individual reference to the project.”

Paul Rieth

Crowdfunding consultation “in action”

At the end, Angelo came to talk about the selection of interesting rewards. In order to be able to answer this as vividly as possible, I asked Angelo to give me any idea for a film project. I then spontaneously suggested a few rewards that would come into question in a corresponding crowdfunding campaign – so our conversation finally turned into a fictitious crowdfunding consultancy.

Crowdfunding for film productions

Click here to read the interview about crowdfunding for international film productions.

Here is the episode with more information about Crowdfunding, TorinoFilmLab and about me. More episodes in 25 different languages on the FRED Filmradio website. FRED as a free app for iPhone in the App Store and Android in the Play Store. FRED Filmradio is also very present on their Social Media Channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Want to learn more about Crowdfunding in the film industry and get in touch? For business inquiries please visit my website or send me an email to You can also find an overview of offers, services and references in the field of Audience Building, Crowdfunding and Marketing as well as video content production on the website of my agency GET YOUR CROWD.

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