Audience Design and Crowdfunding for film productions

An invitation at Indiefilmtalk podcast

Audience Design and Crowdfunding for film productions

For the 77th episode of the Indiefilmtalk podcast, I was invited to talk about audience design, audience building and crowdfunding in the film industry – some of my favourite topics. This episode is now available online. It offers some good insights into my work as a consultant and lecturer. I also outline why building a community for films at an early stage is often still uncharted territory within europe`s film industry. And why this should change.

About the podcast

Since 2017, Indiefilmtalk has dedicated their regular podcasts to filmmaking in Germany. The people behind this great podcast are theatre scholar and moderator Susanne Braun and  director and screenwriter Yugen Yah and. With a variety of guests from the fields of directing, production and acting, among others, the two talk about “the daily joys, but also the perpetual struggle in the film industry”. Thematically, they always build a bridge from the current state of the film industry to an outlook at innovations and future developments of the movie and entertainment sector.

How film productions can benefit from audience design

Since I’ve been curiously following the podcast myself for a while, I was very happy to be invited and accepted the invitation in January 2020. In the interview with Yugen Yah in his Berlin flat, we exchanged thoughts and ideas on the following fields, among other things:

  • my career so far as well as my book DOK & CROWD
  • the present and future of audience design and audience building
  • the TorinoFilmLab as a springboard for young international filmmakers
  • and the Feature Lab as an important platform for the development of new feature film projects
  • the role of audience designer, producer of marketing and distribution (PMD) and impact producer in the film industry
  • community building, communication via social media and aspects of crowdfunding that go beyond the process of film financing

“Social media today, especially for the younger generation of filmmakers, gives the possibility of visibility and reach.”

Paul Rieth

Furthermore, in the talk with Indiefilmtalk I give insights into the following fields:

  • the potential of impact campaigns for documentary fil
  • with reference to the important content as well as many case studies on the website of Doc Society 
  • my agency GET YOUR CROWD and our services for the film industry in the field of audience building, crowdfunding and film marketing

Click here to listen to the podcast:

Here is the episode with more info about the topic and about me. All other episodes of the podcast on the Indiefilmtalk website as well as Indiefilmtalk on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can support the podcast financially on Steady.

I made you curious? And you want to learn more about audience design and crowdfunding in the film industy and get in touch? Please visit my website or send me an email to You can also find an overview of offers, services and references in the field of Audience Building, Crowdfunding and Marketing as well as video content production on the website of my agency GET YOUR CROWD.

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