Neue Geschäftsmodelle durch Blockchain

Does blockchain enable new business models for the creative industries?

ERWIN SCHMIDT, the CEO of Cinemathon International, Berlin gives an introduction into blockchain and it`s potential for the creative industries. The presentation was part of the CREATIVE EUROPE INNOVATION DAY 2019.

Infrastructure, rules, transactions, decentralisation and philosophy behind the idea of the block chain. Erwin M. Schmidt gives an introduction to the Blockchain and the potential for creative people and the film industry.

CREATIVE EUROPE INNOVATION DAY Digital technologies like XR, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are effectively disrupting how arts and culture are being created, distributed and perceived. New technologies hold the promise of making art and culture more accessible to audiences and making the share of revenue for rights holders and creators more transparent and reliable. It is also helping museums and galleries to increase their reach, making them more attractive to younger generations. In the past years the Creative Europe Programme has supported the creative industries in different ways, including the use of new technologies within creation, production and circulation of creative works.

The CREATIVE EUROPE INNOVATION DAY took place in September 2019 in Berlin and presented international use cases for innovative technologies in Media, Arts and Culture supported by the Creative Europe Programme and beyond. Project roundtables provided the opportunity to discuss the various financing and distribution models as well as the technology behind them in more detail.

Invited international speakers were: Barbara Gessler (European Commission), Sten-Kristian Saluveer (NEXT@Festival de Cannes), Maxime Faget (Blockchain My Art) Maria Tanjala (Big Couch), Jesper Skibski (WARM), Robert van Hunsel (Culture Ticket) – and many more. The INNOVATION DAY is an event of Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg and Creative Europe Desk Kultur in cooperation with Creative Europe Desks Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, France and Czech Republic as well as Musicboard, Kreativ Kultur Berlin and The FilmTech Office.

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